How To Maintain Brass Valves After Purchasing Valves


Brass valve is a valve product made of copper as the basic material. Compared with the traditional cast iron valve, its performance advantage is more obvious. Performance is an important factor in measuring product use value, and manual maintenance is an important means to ensure product use value. For copper valves, manual maintenance work is essential. Good maintenance work can not only ensure the full performance of the product, but also help to extend the use time of the product, thereby reducing the time and cost of equipment replacement. So what are the operations that copper valve products can play a maintenance role in use?

1. Cleaning work.
Before installation and during use, copper valves are inevitably contaminated with some pollutants due to factors such as processing environment and application environment. At this time, the operator can ensure the performance of the product through some professional cleaning operations, especially when they appear. Frequent rain, oil stains, etc.

2. Auxiliary workpiece.
When the copper valve is left unused for a long time, the operator needs to take different protection measures for different structures and different fillers of different valves. The wax paper lake composite plastic sheet can be used to close the valve port to prevent foreign matter from entering.

3. Daily maintenance.
When the copper valve is used in an open environment, if conditions permit, the user can use waterproof tools such as linoleum or raincoat to block the product and minimize the direct contact between the product and rain.

The above methods are proven by practice and are effective maintenance methods. In order to effectively extend the service life of copper valves, we must pay attention to maintenance and maintenance in the process of normal use.

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