How The Brass Valve Industry Meets New Retail


Borrowing Ma Yun at the Yunqi Conference, he said: The next decade is the era of new retail, and the future is to combine online and offline. Only when online and offline logistics are truly combined can they bring more benefits to enterprises. Facing Ma Yun's new retail, how does the traditional brass valve industry meet?

1. New retail is the improvement of user experience.
In order to give users a better shopping experience, the plumbing valve brand must strengthen the construction of channels and stores, so that users can buy products more quickly and conveniently, and improve the convenience of shopping. Therefore, it is necessary to sink the channel and widen the layout of the outlets to enhance the user's shopping experience.

2. New retail is user-centric.
User-centricity is the need to improve the product needs of new products and technology iterations around the user needs. Using data as the basis, we will continue to innovate and improve products to keep users satisfied.

3. New retail is the improvement of services.
Retail = details, so service is more important. Services can increase the added value of the brand and enhance the brand image. Only by continuously improving the quality of service can the new retail of plumbing valves become more viable.

4. New retail is fast.
The market is not big fish eating small fish, the market is fast fish eating slow fish. All development must be fast. Faster product development, faster service, and faster feedback. Only faster can give users a better experience of the brand.

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