The Main Performance Characteristics Of Brass Valves


First of all, it has more effective strength performance. The main feature of brass valves is that they can withstand a strong internal pressure. Because they have sufficient strength and rigidity, they can be guaranteed that they will not be deformed easily when they bear a strong internal pressure for a long time. There will also be no rupture.

Secondly, there is a certain resistance to the flowing medium. This is due to the characteristics of the brass valve, there is a pressure difference between before and after. When the medium flows through the valve, it will be subject to resistance, which will consume a certain amount of energy. Therefore, this problem must be considered at the beginning of the design of the brass valve.

Reliable sealing performance. Sealing is the main technical performance index of any valve. As a brass valve, the main sealing parts are roughly divided into the contact between the opening and closing parts and the two sealing surfaces of the valve seat; the matching of the packing with the stem and stuffing box ; The connection between the valve body and the bonnet and other three places. They are what we call internal leakage and external leakage, and the latter two are so-called external leakage. Internal leakage is the main problem existing in valve work and is unforgivable. External leakage will lead to non-stop pollution and loss. Serious leakage of toxic, flammable and explosive media will cause serious safety problems.

Long service life is also one of the main characteristics of brass valves. We know that copper is a relatively stable element and has strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, because of its material, brass valves are enough to ensure a long service life, which is also one of the main reasons for its popularity in various fields.

We introduced the main performance characteristics of brass valves, but it should be noted that although they have good sealing performance and long service life, they still need to be treated with care. Valves such as brass three-way ball valves are used in our daily life. It is widely used in life, and we still need to do routine maintenance and overhaul in peacetime.

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