Correct Use Of Brass Valves


1. The use of brass valves The maximum allowable working pressure in the valve technical parameters refers to the working pressure at normal temperature. The mechanical strength of the valve material decreases as the temperature increases, so the valve allows the working pressure to decrease as the temperature of the medium increases. In addition. The maximum working temperature of the medium is also limited by the temperature resistance of the filler. The valve of the non-metallic elastic seal is also limited by the temperature resistance of the seal material. The common materials and the internal temperature values of the above components are shown in Table 1:

Maximum material temperature ° C

PTFE 200

Nitrile 120

Silicone rubber 180

In addition, when the valve is used for saturated steam, because the non-metallic material is limited by temperature, the maximum working pressure of the valve must not only meet Table 1 but also meet Table 2 requirements:

Saturated steam pressure Mpa0.

Saturated steam temperature ° C 120 133 144 152 165 165 170 175 180

2. In order to prolong the service life of the valve, the gate valve and ball valve should be fully opened and fully closed. It should not be partially opened for throttling. Because when the part is opened, the rolling medium will erode the sealing surface of the gate and the ball. When the medium has impurities, this erosion effect will be greater.

3. Do not disassemble and install the valve as much as possible. If you need to disassemble and install, please make sure to mark it. Especially for the gate valve, the direction of the gate after reinstallation should be the same as the direction before disassembly.

4. Valves for plumbing are not allowed to be used in pipelines that transport flammable gases and corrosive media. If you need to use them in the above pipelines, it is recommended to purchase special valves, such as gas ball valves and stainless steel valves.

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