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Valve Valve material procurement
Release date : 2014/12/10 8:41:13 Views : 4415

    Buy valves, usually from the brand, price, quality, service valve manufacturers start with four points. In which the quality of a ring, valve material is the top priority. So how to choose the material of the valve it?

    1, the valve material: gray cast iron pipe due to gradual not recommended, should be ductile iron main body material, and indicate the grade and casting the actual physical and chemical test data.

    2, the stem material: stainless steel stem sought (2CR13), large diameter valves should also be embedded in the package of stainless steel stem.

    3, nut material: cast brass or aluminum bronze, and the hardness and strength are greater than the stem.

    4, stem bushing material: its hardness and strength shall be not greater than the stem, and is immersed in water conditions and valve body is not the formation of electrochemical corrosion.

    5, the sealing surface of the material:

    ① different valve category, sealing methods and material requirements vary;

    ② ordinary wedge gate valve, copper ring materials, fixation methods, polishing should be described;

    ③ soft sealing valve, the valve plate rubber lining materials physical chemistry and health testing data;

    ④ valve sealing surface should be marked on the body sealing surface materials and butterfly board material; their physical and chemical test data, in particular the health requirements of rubber, anti-aging properties, wear resistance; usually NBR and EPDM rubber, etc., is strictly prohibited mixed with recycled plastic.

    6, the valve shaft packing:

    ① As the pipe network in the valve, usually not open and close frequently, requiring the filling in a few years of inactivity, not aging filler, long-term effects remain sealed;

    ② fill valve shaft should also bear the frequent opening and closing, the good sealing effect;

    ③ In view of the above requirements, fill valve shaft does not seek to change or 10 years for life without replacement; 

    ④ Packing For replacement, valve design measures have lower water pressure conditions change should be considered.

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