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The most common applications valve which
Release date : 2014/12/10 8:40:51 Views : 4441

    With a variety of needs of modern life, then the production of these important products parts are endless. Below we list the 10 major categories of valve applications.

    1: Stone by means valves;

    1 "required valve oil refining equipment, oil refining equipment mostly pipeline valves, mainly for gate valves, globe valves, check valves, safety valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, steam traps, which accounted for about 80% of the required gate valves total, (valve representing 3-5% of the total investment in equipment);

    2 "fiber equipment, chemical products mainly include polyester, acrylic, polyvinyl alcohol three categories. Ball valves which required jacket valves (ball jacket, jacket gate valve, globe valve jacket);

    3 "acrylonitrile unit. The device is generally required scale production of valves, mainly for gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, steam traps, needle valves, plug valves, which accounts for about 75% of the gate valve of the total;

    4 "ammonia plant. Because different original ammonia and purification methods, the process is different from the desired function of the valve technology is different. Currently, the domestic ammonia plant mainly required valve, globe valves, check valves, steam traps, butterfly valves, ball valves, diaphragm valves, control valves, needle valves, safety valves, high temperature and low temperature valve;

    2: Application Valve Station: Construction of a large power plant forward direction, so the need to use large diameter and high pressure safety valve, relief valve, globe valve, gate valve, butterfly valve and emergency cut off flow control valves, spherical sealing instrument shut-off valve, (according to the national "fifteen" plan, in addition to Mongolia, Guizhou provinces also built 200,000 kilowatts or more units, the other provinces can only build 300,000 kilowatts or more units);

    3: Metallurgical Applications Valves: conduct metallurgical alumina industry is mainly required wearable slurry valve (in-flow valve), adjust the trap. Steel industry is mainly required metal seated ball valves, butterfly valves and ball valves oxidation, as flash and reversing valve;

    4: Marine Applications valve: follow the development of offshore oil exploration, the ocean level required amount of fat the valve is gradually increasing. Offshore required off valve, check valve, multi-way valve;

    5: The Food and Drug Applications Valves: The industry is mainly required stainless steel ball valves, non-toxic plastic ball valves and butterfly valves. More than 10 kinds of products in the categories of the valve, the valve compared to the majority of demand for generic, such as instrumentation valves, needle valves, needle valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, butterfly majority;

    6: rural, urban construction applications valves: Urban Construction Department with the general use of low pressure valves, are currently being environmentally friendly and energy-saving direction. Environment-friendly plastic sheet valve, balance valve and butterfly valve, metal sealed butterfly valve is gradually replaced by low iron gate. Domestic urban architecture, mostly valve required balancing valve, soft seal valve, butterfly valve;

    7: rural, urban heat valves: City-generation thermal system, which requires large amounts of metal sealing butterfly valve, level balance valve and buried ball, because this type of valve resolve pipeline vertical, horizontal hydraulic imbalance problem, save energy, generation the purpose of thermal equilibrium.

    8: Environmental Applications Valves: domestic environmental protection system, the water supply system is mainly required butterfly valve, soft seal gate valve, ball valve, exhaust valve (used to exclude air pipe). Sewage disposal system is mainly required soft sealing valve, butterfly valve;

    9: Gas valves: city gas accounted for 22% of the natural whole of the market, the amount of large valves, its type and more. The main need ball, plug, pressure reducing valve, safety valve;

    10: Pipeline Valves Applications: long-distance pipeline is mainly crude oil, refined and natural pipeline did. The majority of these pipelines required amount of forged steel valves are three-body full bore ball valve, anti-sulfur flat gate, safety valve, check valve.

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